Classy TImes

Now that Halloween has passed, it’s that season we all simultaneously dread and look forward to: registration time. This is the series of weeks in which Drake students register for the classes they’ll be taking next semester. When simply stated like that, registration doesn’t sound like the kind of process that would wear away at your existence and make you question every decision you ever have or will make, but trust me, it is.

On the one hand, it’s an exciting time. Looking through the course offerings and reading about the potential classes you can take is a blast. There are so many fascinating, varied classes at Drake that even the course offerings are an entertaining read. But then the reality sets in. Unfortunately, most of us are not at liberty to simply take interesting classes. Instead we must consider things like major requirements, timings, and graduation credit totals. And this is where the stressful part comes in. Every semester I’ve found myself panicking at the last minute before registration, pouring over credit totals and major lists, worried I will pick the wrong classes and thereby cement myself as the biggest failure the world has ever seen. There’s generally a lot of paper, worry, and chips and salsa involved in this process, but in the end, it’s always been fine.

This year I’m trying to start out with the mentality that I can’t screw up my future too badly because there’s a pretty great system in place to prevent me from doing just that. Drake sets required classes and credits not to confine learning, but to guide it. I have major and core requirements to fulfill so that I come out of Drake with the skill set and knowledge I’ll need in the world. And honestly, I’m really grateful for those confines. So, while I may not have to freedom to take every single class that interests me, I’ve taken some I never knew I’d be interested in and ended up learning a ton. There’s no doubt that the future is stressful, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that I will take the classes I need to learn what I want. But just in case, I’m gonna stock up on some chips and salsa. Wish me luck.

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