Working for the Weekend

Weekend nights on a college campus must mean crazy parties. I blame Animal House, but there’s this definite perception of raucous celebrations, wild times, and just general youthful tomfoolery associated with the collegiate weekend. Somehow, this vision did not account for my college weekend reality: the couch stationed in front of the TV with hot chocolate and a blanket with sock monkeys on it.

The fact is that the party lifestyle really isn’t my thing (as if it wasn’t clear from my use of the word tomfoolery above). In fact, at Drake, there’s a pretty good-sized population who passes up the house parties to just relax or hang out with friends in a little calmer setting. What Animal House didn’t portray was that college students, especially at Drake, work really hard during the week to keep up with classes, work, and activities. We’re here for academic development and that stuff is just plain exhausting. So once Friday night finally rolls around, it’s hard for me to muster up the energy to microwave some dinner, let alone leave the house.

And lest I give too pathetic a view of my life and that of my fellow students, let me say that we do have fun on the weekends. There are always events going on both on and off campus. Plus, downtown Des Moines is minutes away with all of its nightlife, shopping, food, and entertainment. And, yes, there will always be parties. But I think the point is that the college recreational experience is more varied than John Belushi gave us credit for. Weekends are filled with a whole range of activities that go well beyond the parties people envision. My friends an I may spend a night going to see a jazz band at The Lift downtown or making dinner at someone’s house or maybe just eating Starburst and watching Scandal. Whatever it is, you just have to do what makes you happy. And if what makes you happy involves the word “toga”, then great. If not, there’s plenty else going on to keep you busy…or just completely relaxed.

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