Drake Relays Week (Part 1)

So it’s finally at a close. The great season of Relays is over and we are left simply with a mass of memories, event remembrances, and a swell of Bulldog pride. But just because Relays is now technically over, it doesn’t mean I still can’t provide a quick recap, right?

Hy-vee High Jump Monday afternoon I can say I did something very few have ever done: I watched Olympian-caliber athletes high jump in the Hy-vee grocery store. I mean they were literally in the produce section. And yes, it was completely crazy. But also completely amazing. We all crowded around to get an up-close look at World Record Holders doing what they do best. And it would be an understatement to say that the crowd was excited to be there.

A look at the brave heroes competing in the Red Bull Chariot races at the Carnival.

A look at the brave heroes competing in the Red Bull Chariot races at the Carnival.

Hypnotist Monday also offered a Student Activities Board event, Hypnotist Frederick Winters. Students crammed into Parents Hall to watch or participate in the madness. Me, I was definitely on the watching side of the spectrum as my classmates jumped around the stage like kangaroos, declared their love for Justin Bieber, and held an impromptu dance-off.

Book Bash Maybe my favorite event of all of Relays involved a bunch of third graders, markers, chalk, and snack time. It was the SAB DU Book Bash where students from local schools came to Drake to experience the University, learn about the Relays traditions, and celebrate reading. I met some awesome kids and even got to decorate a Drake bookmark of my own.

Carnival So the weather had to stop cooperating sometime, right? Wednesday it was pouring rain with pretty chilly temperatures. But that didn’t stop us from having a Relays Carnival. Red Bull hosted a chariot race competition, we gave out awesome hot food, and students got to play in a giant game truck. So no, you really can’t rain out the Relays spirit.

And guess what? That’s only one half of the week! Stay tuned for Relays Recap #2! #cliffhanger



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