When I chose to come to Drake I considered the academics, size of the university, location, job opportunities, and a lot of other factors. I never considered what would turn out to one of the most important parts of my Drake experience: the friends I’d make here.

As a first year floor, we'd go out to dinner together and even pose in photos like a cheerleading squad.

As a first year floor, we’d go out to dinner together and even pose in photos like a cheerleading squad.

From the first day on campus during Drake Welcome Week, I began to click with the other students on my floor and in my classes. Drake has a great system whereby incoming students are organized into First Year Seminars based on a common interest.  A group of 20 or so students all have one class together and all live together on the same residence hall floor. My FYS was titled “Coming of Age in the Cinema” so we shared a bond over movies and pop culture. I met my greatest friends at Drake that first week and we’ve shared a lot of great times since then.

This past weekend, we celebrated our own version of Thanksgiving, a Friendsgiving, if you will, complete with all the classic dishes and cozy holiday decorations. It was pretty cute, very tasty, and even fairly sophisticated. We used real plates instead of paper ones, so yeah, Martha Stewart would be proud.

The whole experience made me realize that I’m so lucky to have this sweet, goofy, hilarious bunch of people in my life. We were just kind of thrown together based on an interest in movies and a shared hallway, but two and a half years later, they’re some of the most important people in my life, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

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