Under Pressure

College is hard. Anyone who tells you differently is either lying or doing it wrong. Between extracurricular activities, professional development opportunities, jobs, homework and projects, and that little thing called class, it’ s a challenge to find time to eat, sleep, and breathe. In fact, there’s an unspoken, ongoing competition among some of the more driven Drake students to see whose life is busier, who is more overwhelmed. The answer is, we are all. 

The pressure of the college lifestyle isn’t something I was aware of right away, but naturally, while progressing through my Drake education, responsibilities have piled up. There were young and carefree days all of two years ago when life was like a breezy folk song. Times were good, friends were plentiful, and life was full of promise.  Now, things are more like an edgy indie ballad. Some parts are great, some are really messy, and overall, I have no idea what’s happening.

But when I consider the alternative, I really wouldn’t want anything to change. When I compare the Animal House collegiate experience to the professional, social, and academic opportunities for growth I get at Drake, it’s not even a question. Going through the stress of a busy schedule now will undoubtedly prepare me for all the stress of life that is to come. And while that may sound a little defeatist, I promise, it’s a good thing. Instead of sitting around and wasting these four years of my life watching Duck Dynasty, I’m doing everything I could ever want to and probably more. So while I may be a little behind on what’s happening with Willie and the boys, it’s a pretty great feeling to know that what I’m doing is important and worth devoting time to. 

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