Dogtown Afterhours

This Friday marked one my favorite Drake traditions, Dogtown Afterhours. Yeah, it’s a mysterious name, but what the event really means is that campus organizations, clubs, and students come together to spend the evening doing awesome things and having an awesome time. This year, the event consisted of events both on campus, and off to celebrate the university and our Drake neighborhood.

A view of the massive crowd during Dogtown's a cappella performances.

A view of the massive crowd during Dogtown’s a cappella performances.

I was actually working at Dogtown this year as part of the Student Activities Board. We hosted a craft room and a Dueling Pianos show that turned into a packed house of students all singing everything from Disney classics to Elton John. As if that wasn’t enough fun, there were trips to Skyzone and bowling, crazy amounts of free food, games, an improv show, and performances by all three of Drake’s a cappella groups. And fittingly, the whole night was capped off by fireworks.

It truly was awesome. And while I knew it would be, I was pleasantly surprised by just how many students were Dogtown attracted. All of the events were packed throughout the night. And the evening’s participants weren’t just first year students who had never experienced Dogtown before. In fact, I saw so many sophomores, juniors, and even seniors hanging out and enjoying the festivities, not because they were curious about what Dogtown was, but because they knew that it was one of the most fun illustrations of just how collaborative and creative this campus can be.

For more photos and information from Friday’s Dogtown Afterhours, check out the event on twitter.

Happy Drakeaversary

It’s my anniversary. Well, maybe my Drakeaversary is a more appropriate term. Anyway, three years ago this week I began my committed relationship with Drake University when I decided go to school here. And honestly, it was not an easy decision.  There are an awful lot of factors to consider and an awful lot of schools out there. Coming into spring break of my senior year in high school, I had no idea which one was right for me.

So, I decided to do a bit of a tour to go around and get one last look at the final schools on my list. I mean, the college decision is a big deal and I was very worried about messing it up.

Turns out, I didn’t need to be so worried. After setting foot on Drake’s campus again, I knew it was gonna be my school. And three years later, I’ve never looked back.

I’m not saying that Drake is right for absolutely everybody out there.  It really depends on the feeling you get on campus, on whether or not you can envision spending four plus years there. But I will say that Drake is the perfect place for me to learn and grow. It’s my academic home. Sorry if that’s sounding a little Hallmarky. But after all, I do have to find some way to say happy anniversary to Drake.