Homemade Drake Hot Chocolate Recipe

Growing up, some of my favorite memories took place in the cheery warmth of my grandma’s kitchen. Okay, I know this is not exactly a groundbreaking narrative, but bear with me. As a kid off school for winter break, I would trek to southern Missouri for sleepovers at Nana’s house to relax, play games, watch movies, and of course, eat. And through we had a ton of fun baking and cooking, the best was undoubtedly breakfast and the homemade hot chocolate that came with it. I would cuddle up in Nana’s green recliner, most likely sporting some seriously cool snowman pajamas, and watch the snow pile up on the giant black walnut tree outside while I enjoyed the greatest hot chocolate of all time.

These days, years later, I have grown up a little. I am a college student, after all. But my fledgling adult status doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy some good, old-fashioned hot chocolate (and some snowman pajamas too, for that matter.) In fact, I’ve kind of reclaimed the homemade hot chocolate tradition to become a staple of my Drake life. As cold weather encroaches, I begin to crave the calm and winter cheer of a cup of cocoa. So, in celebration of the impending Drake basketball season and all things winter, I present my own Drake hot chocolate recipe (as best as I’ve been able to replicate and quantify my grandma’s brilliant process.)

The finished product!

The finished product!

1. Retrieve your favorite saucepan (or if you’re me, your only saucepan.)

2. Add a dash of water to the pot, probably just a little less than a cup.

3. Then, dump in ½ cup of unsweetened cocoa powder and ¾ cup of sugar. I also like to add a couple pinches of salt.

4. Heat up the mixture and keep stirring it until it starts boiling, then turn down the heat

5. Now, it’s time for the milk. 2% probably tastes best, but gradually add 5 cups of your choice of milk to the mixture, making sure to keep it warm and keep stirring.

6. At this point, add in an optional teaspoon of vanilla extract, and give your hot chocolate one final stir!

7. Get out your favorite Drake/Bulldog-themed mug, and fill her up with the warm hot chocolate straight from the saucepan. Top with whipped cream and an assortment of blue and white sprinkles.

8. Drink up, enjoy, and Go Bulldogs!

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