Drake Halloween Checklist

It’s that time of year again, folks. The air chills, the leaves begin to fall, costume stores spring up out of nowhere, and children spend days at time hopped up on sugar. In my world, the Halloween season means Hocus Pocus is playing on repeat while I consume dangerous levels of candy corn. But Halloween is also a great time on Drake’s campus. With events going on constantly, there are just some things that you have to do to ring in All Hallow’s Eve at Drake. I’ll do us all a favor and steer clear of the Halloween puns, but with the blanket statement that all of the following are indeed spooktacular.

Attend a Residence Hall Event, or a Couple

The annual Stalnaker Hall Halloween Party presents an awesome opportunity to show off your costume, meet students from other halls and, of course, just get in the Halloween spirit. There’s food, awesome music, scary lighting, and even prizes for best costumes. Meanwhile, a little ways across campus Morehouse Hall puts on their very own Morguehouse for students to come and visit. With incredible spooky haunted house decorations orchestrated by students, the event is sure to impress…and maybe scare just a little.

The winners from Drake Student Activities Board's pumpkin carving contest.

The winners from Drake Student Activities Board’s pumpkin carving contest.

Enter a Halloween Contest

Whether it’s a costume contest at Stalnacker, or a door decorating contest between the inhabitants of your residence hall floor, Halloween at Drake is a good time to get your competitive streak going. Carve the best pumpkin, bake the greatest Halloween treats, or maybe just eat the most candy. It’s completely up to you.

Watch a (Really Cute) Parade

While there’s obviously a ton to do on campus during the Halloween season, make some time to explore Des Moines and the city’s Halloween happenings as well. One notable example: The Spooky Paws Pet Parade in East Village. The parade features Des Moines’ finest canines dressed to impress in some of the cutest and cleverest costumes around. Oh, and humans can dress up too.

Visit Drake’s Haunted Spots

I have irrefutable scientific evidence from a professional ghost hunter who came to campus that Drake University is indeed haunted. Sorry to scare everyone, but it is the truth. So as October winds down, check out some of the best spots on campus on connect with the spirit world: the basement of Herriot Hall and the ever-eerie Oreon E. Scott Chapel. I just hope you come out alive…

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