The Right Fit

I wanted to go to Northwestern.

That might be a bit of an unconventional statement on a blog documenting the Drake student experience, but there it is. The truth is that a few years ago, when I pictured my college life, it was at that classic antique archway right in the heart of Evanston. I dreamt of wearing tons of purple, roaming the halls of Medill, and hanging out lakeside with copious amounts of books.

I figured I’d go to Creighton.

When I browsed through the brochures, it all seemed to make sense to head to Omaha. Less expensive than Northwestern, but with some cool merits of it’s own, I just envisioned that I’d end up a Bluejay.

I thought I should go to Truman.

The benefits of staying in state were pretty overwhelming. Financially, it was the best possible option, even if it did mean spending time in Kirksville, Missouri.

I ended up at Drake. 

The fact is that despite the thoughts and the plans, the ideas and the predictions, come college decision time, I became a Drake Bulldog. And now, looking back at the process, I’m not entirely sure I can recount how that happened. What I do know is that Drake was always on my list, but there were so many other schools in the way. That is until one day, I looked down and realized there was only really one possible option for my college education. I hadn’t planned it or thought about it that much, but I just had this overwhelming feeling that Drake was the right place for me. This decision must’ve happened gradually, but it felt like a lightening bolt realization that suddenly came clear. And over three years later, I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

What I’m not saying is to give up on college dreams, ignore common sense, or disregard finances. All of those are pretty important. But I am a strong advocate for keeping an open mind, especially when it comes to a decision as big as college. And for a lot of students, they will attend the school they planned on all along. But for some, like me, the right fit might just be a bit of a surprise. The thing is that finding the right school is complicated, and for that matter, people are complicated. So make plans, dream up ideas, do what you gotta do. Just know that it might all change in an instant, leaving you somewhere you never imagined, but maybe someplace much, much better.

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