College Packing Tips

Full disclosure: I am not the best packer. You’d think with three plus year of experience moving back and forth from Drake I’d get the hang of it, but I really haven’t. Yet, there are extenuating circumstances. To put it delicately, I’m not exactly a minimalist, and to just be honest, I have a lot of stuff. I mean, there’s no need to call Hoarders or anything, it’s just that like any good American, I like my material things. And by the time I get all my books and clothes and throw pillows together, it’s pretty much a carful. But luckily, I have learned a few things along the way to make the process a little smoother. And as I prepare to move back to Drake for the final time, I realize how far I’ve come since my first year move-in. I now attempt to share some of that wisdom in the hopes that it will spare some of the pains of packing.

 Do Bring: 

  •  Command Strips  All of the Command Strips. I know I sound like a 3M commercial right now, but these thing are storage lifesavers and the only effective way to decorate your college room.
  • Cart or dolly  This one we all took a little while to learn, but by the time I moved out last year, they were everywhere. Grab one from the Home Depot and load up all your boxes and bins straight from the car. It will save you time, energy, and probably some back injuries.
  •  Rain Boots Let me tell you something, the rain really does fall mainly on the plain. And that plain is Iowa.Walking around campus, you’ll want some sturdy rain shoes to stand up to the elements.

Don’t Bring

  • All of the books you’ve ever read Now as an English major, this one is tough for me. Obviously, my books are necessary tools of the trade. But just pare it down a little. And if you do end up bringing a lot of books, don’t try to pack them all in the same boxes. That might sound obvious, but it was not so clear to a certain Drake sophomore a couple years ago.
  • 8 different pairs of sandals You’re really not going to wear all those sandals.
  • T-shirts Okay, maybe bring a few t-shirts. But believe me, the college experience is good for nothing if not copious amounts of free t-shirts.

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