That Intern Life

Ah, summertime. It’s the season for relaxation, long days by the pool, and simply having fun. For these three months in the year, one can simply unwind, sleep, and eat excessive amounts of ice cream. JOKES! Sadly, as a burgeoning real-life adult, I have sacrificed summer fun in the name of work. No longer are my days spent lounging and soaking in the sun. Instead, I have joined the workforce, hoping to build my professional skills and make the world a better place. Call me a hero if you will, but…no actually, I am kind of a hero.

Seriously, though, I’ve had an amazing summer thanks to a couple of incredible opportunities to work in my dream field. I’m learning the ropes of non-profit communications in the best way possible: doing meaningful work for some awesome organizations in my hometown of St. Louis. My two summertime internships are very different experiences, but equally rewarding ones. And despite the loss of sun and ice cream time, I honestly wouldn’t want to spend my summer any other way.

The view from the rooftop deck at MCE, overlooking St. Louis' beautiful South Grand neighborhood. It's basically the penthouse of the non-profit world.

The view from the rooftop deck at MCE, overlooking St. Louis’ beautiful South Grand neighborhood. It’s basically the penthouse of the non-profit world.

My first job is as a communications intern with the Missouri Coalition for The Environment. I’m working specifically on a healthy food systems project to edit, promote, and distribute MCE’s St. Louis Regional Food Study. As I’m working to help educate others, I’m also learning a ton myself about our how our environment and health are connected. The internship allows me to combine traditional PR skills with editing with public outreach (my favorite component). In fact, next week, I’ll be facilitating a roundtable discussion among local organizations to brainstorm ways we can make our food healthier and safer. And did I mention the discussion will be held on MCE’s beautiful rooftop deck? Nbd.

As much as I love my work with MCE, I’m equally enthralled with my other summer internship at Pedal the Cause. Pedal is another St. Louis non-profit that hosts an annual bike ride for local cancer research. And maybe the coolest part? 100 percent of the funds raised through the ride go directly to cancer research. I’m working as a marketing and journalism intern to run social media accounts and write and pitch stories about Pedal participants. It’s a lot of responsibility, but I could not be more excited about it. Yet, again, I’m learning from incredible people, getting to do incredible work, in an incredible location…just steps from the lovely Busch Stadium.

So, in retrospect, maybe summer is still pretty great after all.

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