Movin’ On Out

Entering into my Drake career, I received a lot of advice about classes, friends, and the college experience in general. Family and friends would tell me what to expect and all that I should look out for. But none of those people told me the biggest challenge I’d face in my time at Drake, the habitual, soul-sucking hurdle I’d face every year: moving.

College is a transient existence, based on temporary uncertainty in the name of stability to come. And while that’s all well and good metaphorically, physically, it means you have to move all your stuff a couple times every year and IT IS THE WORST.

So in an effort to cleanse my soul after this year’s packing misery, I’ve written a few simple haikus about what it’s like to move during college. Forgive me for eschewing the customary nature-centered content of the haiku for this purpose. But to be fair, traditional Japanese poets probably could look at the trees so much cause they didn’t have these kinds of packing concerns.

Where are all my clothes?

Hidden, packed, or gone for good?

There’s no way to tell.


Elevator down.

I am my own packing mule.

Elevator up.


Load in, load out now.

Clear tape, full car, but can lose.

No more packing, please.

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