Blitz Day

Throughout the Drake Relays journey, things get pretty busy. Especially because I’m lucky enough to serve on the Drake Student Activities Board, which plans a lot of the campus and student-focused Relays events. Our kick-off picnic is called Blitz Day and took place last Wednesday (I know, I’m behind. Settle down). This is the day when the SAB Relays theme is revealed and people can begin getting really excited for the coming weeks. So, like the rock star that I am, I’ll give you a behind the scenes look at Blitz Day and how it all went down.

Some campus decorations + an artsy filter

Some campus decorations + an artsy filter

6:45am I arrive at Olmsted to begin decorating (or blitzing) campus. You know I love this school cause there are very few thing that will get me voluntarily up and about at this ungodly hour.

7:00am Hoards of SAB Relays volunteers and committee members cover campus with streamers, pinwheels, and chalk to promote the day’s events.

8:00am While I finish up a poster for another SAB event, the team finishes blitzing. We then all take a bagel break.

8:30am I post about Blitz Day and the campus decorations on SAB’s social media accounts, continuing to take pictures

9:00am-4:00pm I go to work and class, and continue to interact with Drake students on social media, but that’s not really relevant here. Meanwhile, volunteers begin setting up for the Blitz day Picnic in Parents Hall!

4:20pm I arrive to Parents Hall where the Picnic is in full swing! There’s an incredible amount of food, games, decorations, and prizes.

4:30pm I hand out dinner plates to the arriving students while catching up with my favorite Hubbell Dining Hall employee, Marietta. Seriously, she’s the best.

5:30pm The Relays Host and Hostess are announced! Kind of the “King and Queen” of Relays, these two are awesome examples of Bulldogs seniors who’ve made a contribution to the school.

6:30pm The theme (Snapshots of Excellence) and Court Avenue Concert Act (Hoodie Allen) are announced to a lot of excitement from the crowd.

7:00pm We clean up the picnic and put the close on Blitz Day.

7:30pm As I deal with the social media explosion of people who are so excited about the Hoodie Allen concert and theme announcement, we organize and hang the rest of the SAB Relays Events posters.

8:30pm I arrive home after an incredible, exhausting, and exciting Blitz Day

To see more from this year’s Blitz Day, check out some photos on facebook or twitter

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