Relays Season!

After months of planning, preparation, and anticipation, it’s finally here: Drake Relays! Technically, Relays is a series of track events featuring everyone from local high school athletes to world-class Olympians. They compete right on our campus in some of the coolest displays of athleticism you’ll ever get to see firsthand. But more than track meets, Relays is a time for the Drake community to come together and celebrate why it’s so special to be a Bulldog. Alumni, community members, campus organizations, athletics, and faculty all celebrate over these next couple weeks in unique events you’ll only see at Drake.

A little Relays Bulldogs pride in the middle of campus!

A little (or not so little) Relays Bulldogs pride in the middle of campus!

I guess what I’m tying to say is that Relays is the perfect microcosm of life at this university. The events are fun, spirited, unique, and a little quirky. While Relays always makes me realize how tightknit this campus is as people and organizations come together, it also a time to see just how far the Drake community extends. Alums and athletes come from all over the country, and even all over the world, to come be at Relays. We take over downtown Des Moines with a mini Street Painting event and get to have pole-vaulting at the mall! There’s a Beautiful Bulldog Contest and so many awesome campus events, I can’t even begin to list them.

In the coming weeks, I’ll try to write about all of these events and more. While I’ll do my best to capture what the Drake Relays are really like, there’s really only one way to get know the true Relays: come to Des Moines and experience the fun for yourself!

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