Full disclosure: I love the Oscars. There, I said it. I spend months getting ready, watching films, and catching up on all the other award shows. Celebs think they take their Oscars routine seriously? I wake up on Oscar Sunday to immediately begin awaiting Ryan Seacrest’s appearance on the red carpet. I mean, I’m not crazy or anything. But when it comes to movies, celebrities, and general pop culture revelry, I might be a little crazy.

The poster for the SAB Oscars event, complete with that beautiful, tiny gold man.

The poster for the SAB Oscars event, complete with that beautiful, tiny gold man.

Luckily, I’ve found at least a few people at Drake who share my passion for all things Hollywood. In fact, my first year seminar class (the homeroom of the Drake experience) was called “Coming of Age in the Cinema”. Thus, the first people I met at college and those I would live with my first year, also shared my interest in movies. We’ve been friends ever since.

This year, the Drake Oscars festivities went beyond my group of friends. In fact, the lovely Student Activities Board (shameless plug) hosted an Oscar viewing party complete with movie snacks and Oscar ballots. The event was created to celebrate the Chicago Bus Trip of potential Drake students and give current Bulldogs a chance to watch the awards together. But more so, I firmly believe the event was a celebration of the greatest, most glamorous, most cinematic night in all the land. Until next year, dear Oscars. #AdelaNazeem

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