The Most Interesting College in the World

The Huffington Post recently published a piece about the most interesting places to go to college. They listed a wide variety of schools including USC, Brown, Vassar, Harvard, and of course, Drake University. None of us around campus were surprised that Drake was considered interesting. After all, we all chose to go here for a reason. Nonetheless, it was exciting to see our school recognized in such a big way, among such other prestigious universities. But while the Huff Po blurb mentioned some really great things about Drake, it failed to truly capture why this place is so intriguing. Naturally, I can do what millionaire mogul Arianna Huffington cannot: tell you why Drake really is one of the most interesting places to go to college

Those Drake Students

While I’m sure other schools have cool kids too, the students at Drake are a special breed of awesome. (In retrospect, I may be a little biased on this account). But really, one of the most meaningful parts of the Drake experience is getting to meet other students who share your same passion for learning. The place is populated with smart, motivated, and passionate people, and they are the ones who truly make college worthwhile.

My first year residence hall floor got together to paint our Relays Street Painting square. Clearly, we had no idea of the crazy paint fight carnage to come.

My first year residence hall floor got together to paint our Relays Street Painting square. Clearly, we had no idea of the crazy paint fight carnage to come.

The Relays Experience

Huff Po did mention our famous Drake Relays, but by no means did they do the festivities justice. I mean, how many chances do you get to see world-class Olympians race on your campus…or even pole vault in your mall? But the athletics is just the beginning. All of Drake comes together over these couple weeks in April in a massive burst of school spirit, fun, and campus bonding. The whole deal is capped off by SAB’s famous street painting/paint fight ritual…which takes place right outside the campus library.

Fields of Opportunities

I’ve been lucky enough to take advantage of Drake’s connections in the magazine world, but there’s a lot more than just journalism and politics here. Almost every student I know works at least one job or internship in everything from pharmacy to PR to education. So for Drake students, our college education really is just the start.

Bulldog Mania

We like Bulldogs. A lot. I’m not saying we’re the only school who loves our mascot, but Bulldog pride is a way of life around here. We even host a Beautiful Bulldog Pageant to celebrate some of the world’s cutest canines. But the most important Drake Bulldog always will be our live mascot, Porterhouse, who recently passed away. He was always present at campus events, reminding of why it’s so great to be a Bulldog.

Des Moines, Des Moines

As the article mentions, Des Moines has a lot going for it, both in terms of careers and finances. But what I see on a day-to-day basis is just how cool this place really is. Seriously, sometimes it’s way too cool for me. From the fantastic 80/35 music festival to art galleries, music venues, and shopping, there’s no limit to the amount of hip activities in this town (and hip, young professionals to do them).

But ultimately I think what really makes Drake so interesting can’t really be boxed into any of these categories. It’s the feeling of knowing that every day invites new experiences, that’s there’s always more to discover at Drake and in Des Moines. In short, the real reason Drake is so interesting is because…well, it’s Drake.

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