There were a lot of activities going on this week. And that’s a great thing that leads to some great campus engagement. But it also leads to me becoming exhausted, and holing up in my apartment on a Thursday night to eat peanut butter and watch Bob Costas talk snowboarding. #Sochi2014

It's a beach blast! The whole thing was very Frankie and Annette…if they wore colored Ray Bans.

It’s a beach blast! The whole thing was very Frankie and Annette…if they wore colored Ray Bans.

But to focus up a little, one of the most important parts of my life at Drake is my work with SAB or the Student Activities Board. We’re the main programming board on campus and plan events all year including everything from Relays Street Painting to bands, comedians, speakers, and homecoming. It’s been a really rewarding experience, and moreover a really fun one serving on SAB. This year, I’m the Marketing Executive Officer, so yeah, I’m a pretty big deal around here.

This week, we hosted slushies and a halftime limbo game at Beach Night at the Men’s Basketball Game. Although the Bulldogs lost, it was a victory for campus fun, and a really cool way to engage with students and the athletics community. We also had more SAB time the following day at the Spring Involvement Fair. This is an event when all the campus organizations get together and have a chance to tell students about what they do and recruit new members. The whole thing made me pretty excited for the future of SAB and for the future of Drake campus activities.

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