Back to School: J-term Edition

So, I’m back. Although second semester has not yet started, here I am in the old DSM awaiting class tomorrow. How, you ask? Do I have magical powers? Did I make a serious calendar mistake? None of the above! It’s J-term!

J-term, or January Term on formal occasions, is a three-week period before the start of the second semester in which you can take one class. It’s completely free and allows you to get a 3-credit class taken care of that you may not have time for during the semester. Most of the classes are pretty specialized, often on really fun topics, and allow you to focus in on an area of study without having to worry about other classes. This year, my class is about pre-1900 British Literature with a focus on Jane Austen and landscapes. It’s my favorite area of study with one of my favorite professors about one of my favorite authors. So, yeah, I’m pretty excited.

While I’m mentally traveling to the landscapes of Austen’s England, so many Drake students will be actually traveling. J-term provides an awesome opportunity for students who want to study abroad but maybe can’t find the time or don’t want to leave for a whole semester. You can pretty much travel the world over J-term at Drake. I have one friend who’s taking a PR class in Chile. Another is studying poverty in New York. And yet another is going to Ghana to work with children. Regardless of the location, j-term is a very cool experience (literally, it’s cold outside) to learn and travel and grow. I cannot wait to see what the next few weeks bring for me and my friends.

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