3 New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Ah, the New Year. It’s the season in which we all get a chance to start fresh, to make changes in our lives and bring on a better future. So, in the promising spirit of 2014, I present my 3 resolutions for the year ahead. And no, this is not actually cheesy cause I’m doing it somewhat ironically. So there.

1) Work Hard…But Not Too Hard

There are a lot of people out there who will tell you college was 4 pure years of fun times. Those people did not go to Drake University. Not that we don’t have fun, but if you wanna do well here, in the wise words of Miss Britney Spears, “you gotta work.” The problem is finding a balance between all the schoolwork and fun. So headed into next semester, I aim to focus in and work really hard. Hopefully, if I do all this working in a timely manner, I can then use my normal procrastination time to relax a little. I mean, I’ll still do a lot of homework and a lot of TV watching, maybe just in a different order.

2) Do Something Dramatic

I love my life at Drake. Seriously, it’s great. I have my classes, activities, and friends. But I have to admit that despite all the greatness, there is sometimes a certain lack of drama in my life. I don’t mean like a Real Housewives kind of drama cause I do not have the budget for that, but a fun kind of drama. In 2014, I want to really engage in the Des Moines community, get out there and do things. By breaking the habits and the routines that normally dictate my life, I hope to become a spontaneous creature of amazing adventures.

3) Run a Marathon

Just kidding. Actually, I just aim to eat more meals that aren’t chocolate. We all gotta start somewhere, right?

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