Fallin’ in Love with Drake

November means a lot of things: leaves, holidays, food, and even rampant consumerism. And at Drake, the former are on full display. The later not so much, thankfully.  But fall really is a beautiful time to be on campus. Thus, in the spirit of the obligatory “I love fall” post, I present my three favorite things about Drake University as we near the holiday season.

1. Trees on Campus Drake during the fall really is a college brochure designer’s dream. And although it sounds like a Hallmark movie to say this, walking to class through the fallen, golden leaves is pretty stunning. Iowa may not have New England’s foliage reputation, but I’d say we more than hold our own. Thus, as the fall leaves come alive on campus so do the instagrams to document the fall beauty. #nofilter

2. Hubbell Thanksgiving Dinner Many college students complain about their on-campus food, but Hubbell Dining Hall really steps it up, especially come the holidays. Every year, there’s a big Thanksgiving “banquet” in the Olmsted Center with all the classics—turkey, dressing, and pie, pie, and also pie. It becomes kind of a strategic endeavor for me and my friends (that’s right, I’m not just eating all this pie by myself) to plan out what to eat, what to share, and how to maximize the amount of desserts consumed. It’s the kind of noble venture the pilgrims would be proud of.

3. Academic Ramp Up and Ramp Down Despite all the fall joy, there are still classes to be contented with. The last few weeks of the semester, nearing the holidays, are simultaneously the busiest and also the busiest of the semester. Assignments pile up, paper deadlines near (or tests if you’re in one of those unfortunate disciplines who have such things). Yet, at the end of all the work, there is the promise of relaxation and enjoying the pleasures of Drake at the fall holidays.



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