JMC Daze

This past week marked a turn for the professional in the Drake University Journalism School. We all took a break from the crazy reality of day-to-day life on a college campus to think about an even crazier reality—what will happen after we graduate.

The full lineup of JMC Days Events!

The full lineup of JMC Days Events!

The JMC Days celebration is a week long of professional development opportunities, journalism speakers, workshops, and panels and general chances to build your professional skill set and prepare for the real world. Drake’s Meredith Hall hosts everything from a professional panel about how to get hired to mock interviews with real professionals to a constant stream of candy and snacks in the main hallway. After three years, I still haven’t figured out why the celebration of journalistic integrity and professionalism is inextricably tied to the presence of Rice Krispies, but I’m also not one to complain.

While in past years I’ve been very involved in the networking, resume reviews, and general advice that comes with JMC Days, this year I was a little distanced from the process. I seem to be at a strange place academically and professionally where I’m so wrapped up in all that’s happening at school and yet still far enough away from the professional world that I’m not yet in a job-induced panic mode. Yet, it was a comfort to know all that was going on this week and see the success and skills of those around me. So many talented alums came back to Meredith Hall to discuss their current positions and how they got there. And while many of them had no idea where they’d end up while still in school, everyone seemed happy, fulfilled, and challenged in their jobs, which is exactly the feeling we’re working these four years to attain.

2 thoughts on “JMC Daze

  1. The best advice I ever heard – and it wasn’t directly for me – was this…Jump in somewhere, anywhere! Position is only attained when you have the personal skills developed from work experience. You’re not going to find the ideal setting, so don’t wait, jump in and let life take you.

    • I think that’s really great advice; thanks for sharing! You can never really know what it is you want to do or achieve until you begin trying. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of ever opportunity possible both for the development of your skills and for your future.

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